The Keys to Exercise Selection for Athletes

It’s interesting how much dogma exists in training.  Despite all the information that is available to us today, there are still many things that we do without even thinking about WHY.  For instance take jogging.  Athletes that participate in predominately anaerobic sports like football and baseball are still expected to jog as a part of their

Run Faster Jump Higher Throw Harder

What if I told you there was a particular muscle that controlled not only how fast you run, but how high you jump and how hard you can throw?  If you are an athlete that combination would probably be of interest to you.  Let’s face it, run, jump and throw pretty much covers 80% of

The Crossfit Model For Mediocrity

Ok, ok I did that thing that writer’s do.  I used a really controversial sounding title to get you to read this.  If you are a crossfitter you are probably already in the middle of mentally drafting a scathing comment about how wrong I am.  Don’t forget your stopwatch to see how long it takes

The Airing of Grievances Fitness Edition

Another holiday season is upon us.  I don’t know about you, but I am not really sure where 2013 went.  This year, as they are want to do, just seemed to fly by.  And just like the many years that proceeded it there were some high points and some low points.  We all set goals

Gifts for Strength Athletes

With only a few shopping days before Christmas it is crunch time for many of you last minute shoppers.   I have to admit before the advent of the internet I was a Christmas Eve buyer myself.  I would do my shopping throughout the year so I knew what I was getting.  Then on December 24th,

Just Say Maybe!

In a previous article, I mentioned “Those 3 Little Words”.  Performance Enhancing DRUGS.  PED’s are such a large part of our sports culture that the first two words are synonymous with the third.  And in that article I attempted to reveal what I believed to be the hypocrisy of our current drug policy in this

Keep Moving Forward Because That´s How Winning is Done!

In so many different aspects of life we tend to get caught up in the minutia and miss the bigger picture.  Unfortunately this often happens to our training as well.  The truly tragic part is that usually when we engage in this habit we think it’s a good thing because we are so focused.  Make

That’s One Strong Mother…

In the last article I talked about how Strong Women Intimidate Weak Men and Women.  I have to be honest the Maria Kang story really disappointed me.  I mean I know that kind of thing is out there, but to actually see the vitriol of some people is just really sad.  It also got me

Strong Women Intimidate Weak Men & Women

I have been writing a lot lately about the judgmental aspects of the fitness industry.  It is no surprise when an industry is somewhat based on the aesthetic that there are many differing opinions.  Obviously in the fitness industry we have a bit of skewed view about muscular women.  I know for myself there is

Are Real Men Expendable Or Just Facing Extinction?

As I sit here watching Expendables 2 for the millionth time, I can’t help but think that in another 10 years there will be no more action heroes left.  It really is hard to believe that the combined age of the 9 stars is over 500, and the average age is 56.  Obviously Chuck Norris’