The Truth About Internet Judges

If you checked out the video you just saw Maryana Naumova, a 13 year old girl, bench 240lbs.  In other words, you just saw something AWESOME!  You just saw something that literally maybe a handful of girls her age could accomplish, and she is the only one I have ever seen on video.  This was done

2 Drills to Sprint Faster Today

Try out these 2 drills to aid in accelerating faster in a sprint. Add these before your training to help an explosive start. Mountain Climber starts allow you to propel your body horizontally mimicking the same shin angle you have when exploding off the line. Wall Sprints allow you to fire the hip flexors explosively

Hip Flexor Test to Sprint Faster

Try this simple hip flexor test to sprint faster TODAY. If your hip flexors are tight like most of society then this will quickly allow a longer stride. By elongating the hip flexor you can stride in full extension which will lengthen your stride. By doing this you will run less steps and ultimately sprint

The #1 Rule of Sprinting

So I used to know this speed coach I discussed training with for a short amount of time. When I found him there was all this BS about how smart he was and knew everything there was about speed and he was actually fast himself. But when I asked him what the best way to

Stronger Glutes = Sprinting Faster

Many experts have many different methods of how to sprint faster. Many of them think that by changing or altering an athletes technique can ultimately have them gain speed. Many think that by strengthening the primary muscles involved in running will ultimately make them sprint faster. Well we can dive into many debates but here’s

The Importance of Conditioning | Part III

Now that the NFL season has come to an end, it is time for players to start their offseason football training program.  Unfortunately as I predicted in Part 1 and Part 2, the injury rate for the NFL hit an all time high.  Even if Greg Williams hadn’t been paying for HITS, the injury rate

How Lifting Weights Makes Your Sprint Faster

If you are looking for how to sprint faster but understand it takes more than running and stretching then you came to the right place. Let’s go over the main weight lifting exercises to perform to make you faster… Squat – the squat with the feet lined up just outside the shoulders works the most

2 Main Components to Sprinting Faster

When studying the main components of how to sprint faster, we conclude that it comes down to 2 main movements, hip extension and hip flexion. Let’s dive into these 2 movements that will surely help you improve you to sprinting faster. Now of course there’s many components to running such as having no muscle imbalances,

Top 5 Exercises To Sprint Faster

Many coaches and athletes alike debate on many different exercises of how to sprint faster when training. First as an athlete or coach you need to apply the right type of speed training, whether it be lateral speed, linear speed, reaction speed, etc. For these puposes we are speaking directly on how to sprint faster

How To Sprint Faster | Muscle Imbalances

There are a few keys of learning how to sprint faster immediately but most athletes do not realize the main tools that are preventing them from ever getting faster no matter what drills or coaches they work with. Let’s take a closer look on the main aspect that really holds athletes back from true speed…