The Importance of Conditioning | Part II

In the Part I of this article I discussed the NFL players managing to eliminate two-a-day practices in the new CBA.  They did so in what I believe was a misguided effort to reduce injuries and prolong careers. “Legs Feed The Wolf!” In the movie “The Miracle”, Herb Brooks uses that quote to explain to

The Importance of Conditioning | Part I

So the NFL lockout is finally over, and the players can go back to work.  Well they can kind of go back to work.  Part of the new CBA has drastically reduced the players workload, and even eliminated two-a-days.  The players managed to negotiate this as a part of player safety.  And while they did

How To Increase Athletic Performance

Chances are, if you are reading a strength and conditioning website, you are interesting in athletic performance.  You are looking for the latest cutting edge ideas, and the newest studies.  You either want to get past a plateau, or you are looking to speed up your current rate of progress.  So what is the big

Are You Afraid to Warm Up?!

I sometimes train at commercial fitness centers.  It serves to keep me in touch with what  the general public is doing, or more specifically doing wrong.  I have to admit that sometimes I feel as though I need to find the nearest eyewash stations to wash out the nightmares that I witness there.  The things

Can Tiger Increase Your Pitching Velocity?!

As we all know Tiger was absent from the recent US Open.  His injury has put him on the shelf for an undisclosed amount of time.  He has a lot of free time on his hands, and can’t swing a golf club.  So do you think that Tiger can increase your pitching velocity?  The short

What’s Your Excuse Today?!

Thanks in no small part to the intervention of Randy “Macho Man” Savage, we all survived The Rapture. So what will you do with your reprieve? So often life changing moments such as this are what spurs phrases such as “If I only…I promise I will..”. Well guess what…you are still here. So now what?!

The Power of Perception

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have that one relative that is completely “out of it”.  Usually it is in the form of an octogenarian grandmother that has too many cats, and loves to throw out non-PC comments at the dinner table like she has Civil War era tourettes.  This phenomenon

Specificity of Training

Coach Dan John is often heard quoting John Jerome  by saying that “specificity comes at a price.”  What he is speaking of is the accumulation of injuries over the course of an athletic career, using the same muscles repetitively.  This can lead to pattern overload, and muscular imbalances, but produces a more efficient athlete at

What’s Your Motivation?!

LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!! Why do you think that Drill Sergeants seem to be jerks? Part of it may be that it’s a position that attracts that kind of personality. Whether it comes naturally or not, it is sort of a job requirement. They want to test your intestinal fortitude, and see what

Parents Just Don’t Understand…Strength Training.

I work with a lot of high school athletes, and one of the joys of that is dealing with their parents. From my experience there are two types of sports parents. The first group (otherwise known as my favorite) has their child’s best interest at heart, and search out professional assistance to help their child’s