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So where did the Jim Wendler 531 Program come from? Well the short version is that Wendler got burned out from competitive powerlifting, and basically felt like shit. He had accomplished what he wanted to in the powerlifting world, and wanted to do something else. Unfortunately he didn’t really know what that something else was.

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If you know anything about Jim Wendler, then you would know that his new plan had to be simple, straightforward and effective. And from that, the Wendler 531 Program was created. As with any successful strength training program it uses the big exercises. The squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press are the main movements. The reason is simple, they are the best bang for your buck exercises you can find. Just using these four movements in any strength training program can make it simple and straightforward. However, for a program to be effective you have to program it the right way. And that is where the loading pattern comes into play. This is the wave loading that is used in the program to keep you moving towards your strength goals.

wendler 531

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