Bootcamp in a Box Program

Here is a video review of the new Bootcamp in a Box Program.   Video Courtesy of After a year of testing and tweaking Jim Laird and Molly Galbraith of J&M Strength and Conditioning; along with Mike Robertson of Robertson Training Systems have finally released the Bootcamp in a Box Program.  This progam is

Bench For Reps Program

This Bench for Reps program is launching in just a few short hours. And as promised, I got an advanced copy of the program to give you a heads up on what you are gonna get. As always, Mike and Chandler delivered a quality program. The went over many aspects of benching that many coaches

Are You Ready For The 8-Week Bench for Reps Challenge?

So I just got an update that Chandler Marchman’s Bench For Reps program is going to launch on Tuesday, January 8th. Will you be ready to take the challenge. Obviously in my last post I talked about the NFL Combine Bench. The 225 for reps is one of my favorite parts of the combine. However,

Who is Chandler Marchman?

If you are interested in the Bench For Reps program, you might want to know a little bit more about the man behind it, Chandler Marchman. I can still remember seeing the first pics, of Chandler’s Elite Strength and Conditioning Gym in Tampa as he was putting it together. As soon as I saw the

What’s The NFL Combine Bench For Reps Record?

If you are reading this, chances are the 225lb Bench For Reps is one of your favorite parts of the NFL Combine. That and the 40yd dash as always the two events that people most talk about. I do have to admit that as much as I enjoy it, benching for reps is not a

Curvalicious Workout

Flavia has just sent out the Curvalicious Trailer. There is some awesome stuff in this video to give you ladies a sneak peak of what to expect when Curvalicious launches in just a few short days. I have actually just received an advanced copy of the Curvalicious Workout, and my initial impressions are that it

Renegade Diet

Here is a video review of Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Diet YouTube Video Courtesy of: If you are anything like me, you have been looking forward to the Renegade Diet Book for quite a long time.  I know Jason Ferruggia, and the quality of the information he puts out there.  Whenever he releases a new program or diet,

Carb Backloading 1.0 Diet

Here is a video review of John Kiefer’s Carb Backloading 1.0 Diet Video Courtesy of: Check out this video.  John Kiefer has finally released his NEW Carb Backloading Diet Book.  In it he shows you how to use carbs like drugs.  He shows you how to eat all the delicious carbs that you like, and

Wendler 531

Jim Wendler 531 2nd Edition Released! After the great success of the Wendler 531, and all the questions that people had for Jim he has finally realease a 2nd Edition. In the first book, he covered all the basics of the program. He kept it very simple, very straightforward in true Wendler style. However, whenever

The Theory Behind Wendler 531

When it comes to training theory, the Wendler 531 program is very simple. The goal of the program is to get past all the hype, and B.S. To cut out all the crap, and do what works. The funny things is, despite all the “research”, the same basic exercises that worked 50 years ago…still work.