The Origins of Jim Wendler’s 531 Program

So where did the Jim Wendler 531 Program come from? Well the short version is that Wendler got burned out from competitive powerlifting, and basically felt like shit. He had accomplished what he wanted to in the powerlifting world, and wanted to do something else. Unfortunately he didn’t really know what that something else was.

Does Show and Go Training Increase Performance?

If you are interested in the Show and Go Training Program, chances are you are interested in increased your athletic performance in one way or another. Well I am happy to tell you that Eric’s program is not just Show, he also adresses your Go. In fact at his training center, Cressey Performance, his main

Does Show and Go Training Work for Women?

If you are a female reading this, you might be wondering if the Show and Go Training Program will work for you? While some women think they have to train completely differently from men, for fear that they will be able to step on the Olympia stage in three days. Hopefully, if you found this

Show and Go Training is Relaunching

After a wildly successful first year, Eric Cressey has decided to relaunch his Show and Go Training Program. Obviously with a relaunch the product has already been out there, and the feedback has been nothing short of amazing. Eric, as you may know runs Cressey Performance and is a trainer to the pros.  His high

Real Deal Baseball Training

Here is my review of the Real Deal Baseball Training Program Check out the full review at Real Deal Baseball Training  To pick up your copy >Click Here<

Critical Bench Program

Here is a video review of the Critical Bench Program Video Courtesy of

The Show and Go Training Program

So Eric Cressey is relaunching his Show and Go Training Program today. And along with this relaunch Eric is offering the program for HALF PRICE! Unfortunately, it will not stay at this reduced rate for long. By the time you read this it could be back to full price. If you happen to find this