Parents Just Don’t Understand…Strength Training.

I work with a lot of high school athletes, and one of the joys of that is dealing with their parents. From my experience there are two types of sports parents. The first group (otherwise known as my favorite) has their child’s best interest at heart, and search out professional assistance to help their child’s

How Much Ya Bench?!

That question is asked ad nauseum, but why? Why did the bench press become the staple of manhood measuring?! Probably the same reason the guy asking the question drives an F-650 and skips the shower after training, but I digress. There was a time where the Military Press was the main upper body lift, but


  Just because something is hard to do doesn’t mean that doing it will make you better.  Sometimes it just makes you look like an idiot.  Feel free to comment and point out what I am missing here.  I am always interested in learning.

Know Your Role

Why do sports coaches think that they are strength coaches? I have never understood this. More to the point, why do schools think that team sports coaches are capable of being a strength coach as well.  I know that in these hard economic times that schools can’t always afford the luxury of specialized coaching. However,

Move along…nothing to see here….

This is Tupperware. There is nothing remarkable about it, and definitely no reason for people to fear it. It is simply a container used to store food.  It has no evil agenda to speak of, and should be allowed to pass unnoticed.  So why is it whenever I break it out to eat my pre-prepared

It’s 4:00pm…Do you know where your kids are?!

With so many threats against your kid’s safety, it’s a real leap of faith to even let them out the door in the morning. Of course, in the electronic age, it’s not like they are much safer in the home. It’s just a dangerous age we live in. I don’t as yet have children of

Not Enough Time?!

Ok, it has been awhile since I have written anything.  Just like everyone else I get busy, but let’s be honest here, when something is important to us we find the time.  I honestly didn’t feel like writing.  It’s kinda like when you don’t hear from someone for a long time.  When you ask them

Coulda had a V8….

With skyrocketing gas prices the era of the muscle car has long been over. For the most part, being proud of a car for only getting 8mpg is no longer en vogue. Back then raw power was the name of the game. Getting from point A to point B wasn’t enough, you had to rattle

I Just Wanna Tone….

When I am interviewing a female potential client it makes me cringe every time I hear it.  In fact I have been doing this long enough now that I can even predict when they are about to say it.  My whole body tenses up, I just try to go to my happy place and get

Baby Steps

6 min abs, 24-48 hour diet, Lap-Band, Liposuction…we have become addicted to Instant Gratification.  Are we really that afraid of the slow residual return on hard work?  Everything has be RIGHT NOW or why bother.  No one has any time to do anything, yet they still can recite what happened on last nights reality tv show.