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If you are interested in the Show and Go Training Program, chances are you are interested in increased your athletic performance in one way or another. Well I am happy to tell you that Eric’s program is not just Show, he also adresses your Go. In fact at his training center, Cressey Performance, his main focus is working with athletes.

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Eric is a leader in the strength and conditioning industry. He works with top level athletes on a daily basis. So you better believe that any program he puts out will address athletic performance.

Here is one of his athletes performing a 50″ box jump, with approach.

Here is another of his athletes performing a 430lb Front Squat.

And last but not least, here is Eric Cressey himself pulling an impressive 660lb Deadlift.

So there you go. Three solid examples that not only does the Show and Go Training program increase athletic performance, but Eric practices what he preaches.

show and go training

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Don Johnson

Head Strength Coach at Mammoth Strength
Don is the founder and Head Strength Coach at Mammoth Strength. His strength and conditioning facility specializes in small group athletic training for serious athletes from Junior High School to Professional Ranks in all sports...as well as men and women of all ages looking to shred pounds of fat and get extremely fit.

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