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So you get off work, and somehow you fight off the urge to go home and become one with the couch.  Good for you.  Just that simple act alone puts you ahead of most.  So you get to gym, and you circle the parking lot searching for the best spot possible.  This treasure hunt may take several minutes, and more than likely includes some foul language and obseen gestures.  Ok maybe that’s just me, but finally you strike gold.  You get the spot ajacent to the handicap spot.  The only way you could legally park any closer is if you had some debilitating affliction.  Unfortunately you are cursed with good health, and must walk the extra 15ft to enter the gym.  To make matters worse, your mission while there is to IMPROVE yourself.  This statistically decreases the chances that you will ever be able to park closer.

The interesting part of all of this is that the first place you go is THE TREADMILL!!  Seriously, just wasted several mins of your life in an effort to find a spot as close as possible so you wouldn’t have to walk…just so you could go inside and WALK!!

Try this next time….take the worst parking spot at the gym.  Walk those extra couple hundred feet a few times a week…eventually it will add up.

The purpose of this blog is to give you one Fitness Professional’s point of view of the mistakes the general public make in an effort to get in shape.  Shrouded in sacrasm and humor, there will actually be simple tips and tricks you can use to reach your goals.

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Don Johnson

Head Strength Coach at Mammoth Strength
Don is the founder and Head Strength Coach at Mammoth Strength. His strength and conditioning facility specializes in small group athletic training for serious athletes from Junior High School to Professional Ranks in all sports...as well as men and women of all ages looking to shred pounds of fat and get extremely fit.

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