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I have to admit that it amuses me that “energy drinks” seem to be a regular part of our day.  I understand that some of it is that we try to pack 27 hours in a day.  However, truth be told half of the reason we constantly feel a need for a pick me up is poor diet and poor sleep.  Now before I am accused of being a hypocrite, I love energy drinks.  However I mainly like them for the little boost before training.  I do not require them to get through the day.

The interesting part is that one of the common excuses for poor diet is that eating healthy is expensive.  But lets think about it…how much does eating like crap really COST you?!  You spend most of your day in a diabetic coma, walkin around with outstretched arms, doing your best Frankenstein impersonation.  Just needing one more “hit” to make it through the day.  However, if the objection truly is monetary, do they not realize that all those $2 quick fixes add up?  And that is completely overlooking the $6 gourmet coffee concoction that is probably a regular in the “stay awake” rotation.  Not to mention all the impending medical bills down the road.

The next time you run out of energy, ask yourself why.  And take the long view about the best way to fix it.  Cleaning up your diet is a long term solution, and can break your current addiction to energy drinks.

When you eat right, water can be an energy drink.