Adrian Peterson Workout

Adrian Peterson WorkoutThey don’t call him “All Day” for nothing… let’s take an in depth look at the Adrian Peterson workout that gave him this nickname and the ridiculous explosive running power that runs through defenders. Adrian Peterson is a beast on the football field and he contributes all his accomplishments to his work ethic and training.

Growing up in the tiny town of Palestine, Texas, Adrian didn’t have much else to do but train. He recalls how his dad used to take him to the YMCA and started lifting weights at the tender age of 7. But more than the fact of working out young, it was the drive and determination that was instilled in him that propelled him forward. He talks about how he couldn’t afford weights so when he wasn’t at the Y, he would fill jugs with sand or water and use them as weights. The main thing that impressed me about Adrian was his “hill running”. He talks about how he would find the steepest hill in town and literally run sprints up and down it for hours. He carried over this all the way over to college too. I heard a rumor that he went as far as choosing Oklahoma because they had a hill he could run, but I’ll just believe it’s most likely that he could put in work there.

When we look at what Adrian is actually doing when he trains now a days it can be rather simple. He follows a balanced regimen that incorporates a lot of plyometrics and speed work to have those explosive bursts down the field and heavy squats/presses which let him demolish tacklers in his path. Then he also incorporates a series of core and accessory muscle circuits that supplement his main lifts and give him that shredded athletic physique.

Here’s a sample upper and lower body workout to follow…

Upper Body

1. Med Ball Tosses 3×5

2. Bench Press 5×5

3. Curl to Press 4×7

4. a. Bent over rows 3×8

b. W, T, Y’s 3×8

c. Dips 3xFailure

5. Knees to Bows 4×15

Adrian Peterson Workout

Lower Body

1. High Box Jumps 8×3

2. Trap Bar Deadlift 5×5

3. a. 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift 3×10

b. Bulgarian Split Squats 3×10

4. Woodchops 4×15


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