Baby Steps

6 min abs, 24-48 hour diet, Lap-Band, Liposuction…we have become addicted to Instant Gratification.  Are we really that afraid of the slow residual return on hard work?  Everything has be RIGHT NOW or why bother.  No one has any time to do anything, yet they still can recite what happened on last nights reality tv show.  I recently saw a post by a dieter that had dropped 20lbs, which is great.  However, she was discouraged because her progress had slowed, she wanted to lose another 50lbs, and “at this rate it is gonna take me another 2 years”.  My reply to this is….SO WHAT!!  It’s not like once you hit that weight loss goal you can go back to your previous eating habits without gaining it back.  It has to be a new lifestyle.  You can’t just count the days on your diet until you can go back to the caloric free-for-all that you used to enjoy.

People take such shortsighted view when it comes to dieting.  If I just find that one “quick fix” everything will be everything.  But how do you maintain this new found level of fitness?  If you do not change your eating habits, YOU DON’T!  Yo-yo, rollercoaster, or whatever implement of “feast or famine” you want to use to describe it, it is a vicious cycle.  And it all stems from the fact that people just don’t want to do the work.

Now I know that in RARE individuals there are medical conditions that make it abnormally hard to lose weight.  However, why is it that people automatically assume that they are one of those people, and require some medical procedure or magic potion to reach their goals?  All these late night informercials about the newest pill that allows you to remain completely sedintary while the pounds just melt away.  How much money do you have to waste on that crap before you realize that “eating healthy” really isn’t too expensive.

The surgical procedures are the ones that amuse me the most. Like I said, yes there are rare cases where such things may be necessary.  However, the general public should not need to resort to such measures to feel good in a swimsuit.  The funny part is there is a mandatory, ultra strict diet that they have to follow before and after the surgery (lap-band particularly). Am I the only that sees some irony in this?!  Yes, Liposuction sucks out the fat, but if you keep eating cheeseburgers it comes back, usually worse.

Of course, many that do actually choose the hard work approach tend to make it WAY harder than it has to be.  They dive face first into a super restrictive diet that they read in some magazine.  Spend a ton of money on fancy food and supplements.  After a week of starving to death they determine it is too hard and they give up…AGAIN.

It doesn’t have to be that hard.  Make small manageable changes, and eventually one pound here or there will add up.  And only changing one little thing at a time will make it easier to MAINTAIN…which is the key.  And believe it or not, it is ok if it takes you 2 years to lose 50lbs. How many years did it take you to gain it?

When it comes to fitness goals take the LONG view…as in the rest of your life….




  1. AccidentalMommy

    I love watching The Biggest Loser. I think the transformations are amazing and inspiring, BUT I would never want to lose weight that way. They have to work so much harder to maintain their weight because they lost it so quickly.

    I'm still trying to lose a few more lbs, but it took me a year to lose 40 and I am happy about that because I did it making small changes that I can stick with long term.

  2. Samuel Tarella

    That is so real! I don’t know a lot in relation to wellness and fitness nevertheless this specific article actually is awesome. Thanks!


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