Basketball Strength Training Secrets


Basketball strength training is an often misunderstood topic.  Obviously basketball is a very unique sport. No other sport really rewards one specific athletic movement. All sports require some level of speed and quickness. Basketball is the only sport major team sport that puts such a premium on vertical leaping ability. Think about it, scoring, blocking shots, and rebounding all center around jumping ability.

Now obviously you can’t just focus solely on increasing your vertical. Basketball consists of much more than just standing in one spot and jumping up and down. Your basketball workouts have to include all phases of strength and conditioning.  Most training programs forget about the strength aspect of the sport,  Make no mistake you over all strength has a big influence on your hops.

It’s really no surprise that NBA teams have specialized coaches for every aspect of basketball strength and conditioning. They are investing millions of dollars in these athletes, and they realize the dramatic effect that a player’s conditioning can have on their performance on the court.

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So do you have to hire several strength coaches, all with different specialties to be come an elite prospect?! Well you could, but if that was an option you wouldn’t be reading this site. Luckily enough, I have found the solution to the problem.


Now that’s some serious “hops”. Not bad for a short, white guy.  This program shows you everything you need in your basketball workouts to develop serious quick, a dominate first step, strength to fill the lane and the ability to jump out of the gym.

Players and coaches, with “Jump Out The Gym” you will gain insightful and cutting edge material on how to set up your basketball workouts.  You will develop into a complete basketball player.  You will learn how to dominate on the court, and develop the skills that get noticed.

Basketball Strength Training Secrets




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