Basketball Workouts to Increase Vertical

basketball workouts

Whether you can just barely touch, or already two handed slam; there are exercises that you can add to your basketball workouts to help you jump out the gym.  Basketball is a sport that requires, speed, strength, agility, and endurance.  Having said that, increasing your vertical can be the difference in an average and an elite player.  While you can’t do much about how tall you are, increasing your vertical leap can make you a better player.  A bigger vert increases your ability to rebound, block, and score.  And let’s be honest, dunking on someone is one of the best feelings in sports.

Did you know that arm swing adds up to 15% to your vertical jump?  Don’t believe me, try it for yourself.  Get up from your computer, fold your arms across your chest, and jump as high as you can.  Now compare that to how high you can jump with your arms swinging.  It just goes to reason that if you increase the force of your arm swing you instantly increase your vertical leap.

Basketball Workouts to Increase Vertical


What if I told you there was one exercise that would teach you to generate force in your lower body, as well as increasing the strength of your arm swing.  Well if you are really smart you think you already know the answer.  You are probably saying Power Cleans, which tend to be a staple in workouts.

While I admit that is a good guess, there is a better movement.  One you have probably never heard of.  The Snatch Grip High Pull.  Now I know that sounds way more complicated than a power clean.  In all honesty, they are roughly the same movement with some slight differences.

=>Basketball Workouts to Increase Vertical<= 

Using the snatch grip forces you to get lower to the floor.  This overloads the posterior chain, building all the muscles that you use to jump.  Going from that low position to standing in one explosive motion closely mimics the jumping motion.  Pulling the bar up to shoulder height really stresses the rear delts, and increases the force you can generate from arm swing.  And as we now know, the more powerful the arm swing the higher the jump.  High Pulls also have the advantage of not requiring your to catch the bar.  The power clean can be tough on your wrists, and the high pull eliminates this problem.

Snatch Grip High Pulls have a direct carry over to your vertical leap.  They teach you to generate force from the ground up, as well as increasing your arm swing.  Combining the two will quickly add inches to your vertical, and get you above the rim where you want to be.  Snatch Grip High Pulls should be a staple in your basketball workouts.

basketball workouts




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