The Batista Workout Revealed

batista workout

The Batista Workout Revealed

So you want to pack on some serious size like Batista? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be here. He carries a massive amount of muscle on his frame, without looking soft. For his size he has unbelievable symmetry. Unlike bodybuilders that go too far and look puffy, Batista has great proportions for his height.



Now obviously the this workout can’t make you 6’6″, that is just not going to happen. But no matter what you current stature is, you can learn from his workout how to add some serious muscle. Keep in mind, Batista doesn’t just train to look good, he trains for performance. When he was with the WWE he had to be in phenomenal shape to perform. Now that he is attempting to break into the world of MMA his conditioning needs to be even better.

With his hectic schedule he has to get the most out of his workouts. Between training for MMA, his movie career, and other obligations; Batista doesn’t have time as much free time for the gym as he once did. Back when he was bouncing he could spend all day in the gym. These days that just isn’t practical, and chances are it’s not practical for you either. He can’t waste training time on the latest fads, and neither should you.

Batista’s workout focuses on the big muscle groups. Those are the ones that help increase your overall mass quickly and effectively. Batista did not get to be nearly 300lbs doing a ton of concentration curls. He used compound movements to build his intimidating physique. Doing squats, benches, deadlifts, power cleans are the secret to packing on serious muscle in a short amount of time. This allows Batista to get in and out of the gym, while still making progress.

batista workoutObviously, Batista uses trainers like Marrese Crump to help him with his workout. Unfortunately it is doubtful that you have access to Marrese. It is also ridiculously expensive to hire a trainer of that caliber, if you can find one that isn’t booked solid. Luckily enough there is a performance specialist that can help you add mass to your frame just like Batista. Jason Ferruggia is a leader in the training industry. He has been in the trenches working with athletes for physique and performance goals for the past 17 years. He even has overcome his own crappy genetics to go from a 147lber to carrying 230lbs of solid muscle.

It is safe to say that Jason know’s how to add mass quickly. He as been helping people just like you build jaw dropping physiques for almost two decades. Unfortunately, unless you live in Jersey, chances of training with Jason are as remote as training with Marrese. Fortunately, Jason has used his 17 years of training experience to create “Muscle Gaining Secrets“. It shows you exactly how to train to add pounds of lean body mass just like Batista. He can show you how to spend less time in the gym, and overcome the worst hardgainer genetics. He knows because he as done it before.

batista workout

Muscle Gaining Secrets” will show you train to get the best results possible. If you want a powerful physique like Batista this is your chance. Aren’t you tired of saying “if only” and “wishing”. Well this is the way to finally achieve your goals.



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