How to Get Bigger Forearms

forearm workouts

So you want the secret to forearm workouts that produce bigger forearms?  We have already discussed the fact that to build bigger forearms you need a strong grip.  If you haven’t addressed your grip strength then your forearm growth will eventually stall.

However, once your grip strength starts to improve you need a plan to build your forearms.  If you are reading this it is safe to say that you are serious about improving your forearms.  And you have probably already tried doing tons and tons of wrist curls with little to no results.  Forearms can be a stubborn muscle to build.  With patience, a few specific exercises, and some special equipment you can build an muscular set of forearms that get noticed.

What is the Secret To Powerful Forearm Workouts?

Some of the best exercises for forearms also build your grip.  In a previous post I discussed the best exercise for grip strengthNow, without having the lists overlap, I will list the best forearm exercises that were not included on the previous list.

The Best Direct Forearm Exercises

  1. Reverse EZ Curl Preacher Curls
  2. Hammer Curls
  3. Kroc (High Rep) DB Rows
  4. Wrist Curls on a Bench

Reverse EZ Curls Preacher Curls: Reverse Curls are a standard for forearm workouts.  Doing reverse curls on a preacher bench is an even more effective exercise.  It allows you to isolate the muscles even more, and build some solid forearm muscles.

Hammer Curls: In the previous post I mentioned sledgehammer training.  It is an excellent addition to your forearm workouts.  Having said that, some people do not have access to a sledgehammer or a large tire to strike.  Hammer Curls are a great substitute for sledgehammer strikes.  Using thick handled dumbbells, or fat gripz handles increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

Kroc (High Rep) DB Rows: DB Rows are traditionally a lat and upper back exercise.  However, when done for high reps they work the grip and forearms like nothing else.  By high reps I do not mean 15-20, but more like 30-40.  Pick a weight that you can barely do for 15 and do them for 30+.

Wrist Curls on a Bench: Now I already said that wrist curls are not the best things to use in these workouts.  I am not a fan of them in the traditional sense.  There is a better way to do them.  Instead of hanging your wrists off the end of the bench or your knees, rest the back of your hands on the bench.  Yes you will be restricting your range of motion, but you will be able to handle a significantly higher amount of weight.  It also makes the exercise safer, in that your wrists are supported.

Building Bigger Forearms Takes Time.

I know it’s the last thing any of us want to hear or admit, but it takes time to build a powerful pair of forearms.  The above exercises and recommendations will help speed up the process.  They should break you through your current plateau.  If your forearms workouts have stalled, give them a try.


Forearm Workouts




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