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Move along…nothing to see here….

This is Tupperware. There is nothing remarkable about it, and definitely no reason for people to fear it. It is simply a container used to store food.  It has no evil agenda to speak of, and should be allowed to pass unnoticed.  So why is it whenever I break it out to...

It’s 4:00pm…Do you know where your kids are?!

It’s 4:00pm…Do you know where your kids are?!

With so many threats against your kid’s safety, it’s a real leap of faith to even let them out the door in the morning. Of course, in the electronic age, it’s not like they are much safer in the home. It’s just a dangerous age we live in. I don’t as yet have children...


Not Enough Time?!

Ok, it has been awhile since I have written anything.  Just like everyone else I get busy, but let’s be honest here, when something is important to us we find the time.  I honestly didn’t feel like writing.  It’s kinda like when you don’t hear...


Coulda had a V8….

With skyrocketing gas prices the era of the muscle car has long been over. For the most part, being proud of a car for only getting 8mpg is no longer en vogue. Back then raw power was the name of the game. Getting from point A to point B wasn’t enough, you had to...


I Just Wanna Tone….

When I am interviewing a female potential client it makes me cringe every time I hear it.  In fact I have been doing this long enough now that I can even predict when they are about to say it.  My whole body tenses up, I just try to go to my happy place and get...


Baby Steps

6 min abs, 24-48 hour diet, Lap-Band, Liposuction…we have become addicted to Instant Gratification.  Are we really that afraid of the slow residual return on hard work?  Everything has be RIGHT NOW or why bother.  No one has any time to do anything, yet they...


It Takes a Village

Ok…one thing thing I will never be is political.  And I won’t even get into my personal thoughts on the Clinton Clan.  However, the above quote is one of the few things Hillary Clinton has ever said that I agree with, though I disagree in her application...


The New UNHappy Meal!

It’s time to take a little personal responsibility.  I know that is a bit of a stretch, but this stuff drives me insane.  This portly gentleman pictured to the left is actually a CHILD.  A child presumably with parents.  A child that does not have a valid...


5 Hour Energy?!

I have to admit that it amuses me that “energy drinks” seem to be a regular part of our day.  I understand that some of it is that we try to pack 27 hours in a day.  However, truth be told half of the reason we constantly feel a need for a pick me up is...


That’s The Spot!

So you get off work, and somehow you fight off the urge to go home and become one with the couch.  Good for you.  Just that simple act alone puts you ahead of most.  So you get to gym, and you circle the parking lot searching for the best spot possible.  This treasure...

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