How To Build Triceps


If you want to increase your bench press you better know how to build big triceps.  When you look at the world’s best benchers, the first thing you notice is the tremendous amount of muscle mass they have at the back of their elbow.  So much of your bench press strength is limited to how much weight you can lockout.  And as we all know the lockout is all tricep strength.

So what are the best movements for building huge triceps?

Top 3 Exercises To Build Triceps

  1. JM Press
  2. Rolling Extensions
  3. Elbows Out Extensions

JM Press: This is a great movement for developing extreme tricep power.  A JM Press was invented by J.M. Blakely, and is somewhere between a skull crusher and a close grip bench press.  It is much more effective for developing tricep strength because the emphasis is solely in the triceps. To perform JM Presses, first keep your hands 18 inches apart and lower the bar in a straight line above your clavicle and then stop at the point where your bicep and forearm touch, hold for a second, and press the weight straight up. J.M. Presses work differently than tricep extensions because it takes the delts out of the movement, ensuring that the triceps to do all the work.  Most powerlifters use JM presses with heavy weights and lower reps.

Rolling Extensions:  These are a Westside Barbell favorite.  This is basically a hybrid of a DB triceps extension and neutral grip DB bench. Start by lowering the dumbbells as if you were going to do a DB bench press.  You don’t want your upper arm to drop below 45 degrees to your torso.  After the initial bend of the elbows, lower the DB’s as you would in a DB extension. Once the DB’s touch your shoulder, slightly roll the elbows back, then quickly reverse the motion by rolling the DB’s forward and then extend the DB’s up in a “hammer” motion.  To make this movement even harder you can do them while laying on the floor, and pausing the dumbbells on the floor.

Elbows Out Extensions: The elbows-out extension was designed to increase the muscle mass at the elbow.  To perform them, press the dumbbells to the starting position above your chest. You want to keep the butts of the bells together as you lower them to your chest, keeping the elbows out. Pause on your chest for a second, then press and extend the dumbbells back to the starting position while making sure to keep the butts together.  Only turning them out at the completion of the movement.

Hopefully this article has given you some new ideas on how to build triceps.  Once you improve your tricep strength, if your bench press technique is solid, your poundages will increase.




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