Carb Nite vs. Carb Back Loading

This is a question that gets quite often, should I do CarbNite or Carb Backlaoding? And unfortunately, like most things fitness related the answer is “it depends”. What it depends on is YOU, and your current level of fitness and your current goals. As a general rule, Carbnite is for people that have a lot of weight to lose and want to get it off as quickly and relatively painlessly as possible. When you are carrying a lot of excess weight and you remove all the carbs, your body will be looking for energy and it will be forced to tap into all that adipose that you have been carrying around.

However, once you start to lean out, or if you are already relatively lean then that is where Carb Backloading comes into play. Again as a general rule Carb Backloading is for people that are under 15% bodyfat. Obviously there are exceptions to any rule of thumb, and some people who have a hard time with carbs will have to stick with Carbnite to get into the single digit body fat range. However, if you are not one of those people then the 15% bodyfat mark is where Carb Backloading really starts to work. It can help you preserve, even gain, lean muscle while burning fat off. The literal holy grail of fitness. And the really beautiful thing is that you can do it while eating foods you never thought you could while losing fat. While carb backloading isn’t a free for all, especially if you are trying to get really lean it sometimes feels like it with the amount of carbs that you are required to eat.

Carb Nite vs. Carb Back Loading

Sadly, there rarely are any straight answers when it comes to fitness. Human physiology can vary greatly between individuals. What works for one person will not work for another. However, on avergage Carbnite is best used if your body fat is over 15% and you want to strip fat off quickly. Once you get below 15% bodyfat then Carb Backloading is the perfect plan for recomposition.

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