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Everyone has been searching the secret to Clay Matthews workout and how he maintains a 255 lb massive but shredded physique. Of course everyone can find that since in the NFL he has been training MMA style workouts in the off-season. But if you’re like me I want to know what was the Clay Matthews workout routine that got him to the NFL.

So I did a little research and found the real workouts he was following that got him from the under dog to Super Bowl champ…

Clay was what his father called a “late-bloomer” and was actually under 200 lbs. going into college. He in fact, was a walk-on at USC. The main thing that changed for Clay was his commitment to the weight room. Let’s take a look at what Chris Carlisle the head strength coach at USC had him doing to build a massive athletic physique…

Olympic Lifts

The Trojans reap the most valuable benefit of Olympic Lifts—explosive ability—by emphasizing bar speed. Carlisle says, “We work speed of movement on the platforms. So when we replicate the movements on the field, they are equally fast and explosive.”


Plyometrics are a mainstay of most college football programs. But the USC team performs them with a Trojan twist; they focus on landing more than jumping. Carlisle says, “When a player jumps in a game situation—whether it is from a pump fake, chop block or jump cut—he has to be ready to move immediately upon landing to either pursue a ball carrier on defense or run to daylight on offense. He can’t be stuck in mud and waste time when his feet touch the ground.”

Speed Ladder

Every speed ladder painted on the floor of the Heritage Hall basement has a purpose. The Trojans hit up speed ladder work almost every time they set foot in the room. “Foot quickness can be worked and improved every day,” Carlisle says. “You might be big and powerful, but if you can’t drop your center of gravity and move quickly, you won’t gain leverage on the field.”

Now this is what I wanted the nitty gritty of what really made him the player he is today, not some martial arts endurance training. If you need a complete workout plan that covers all these components check this out… Total Xplosive Training




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    Clay Matthews is a friken beast


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