Want to Win Free Stuff?


Here’s HOW We’ll Pick Winners…

1. Random Weekly Drawings - Just Picking a Random Person

That’s right, even if you only have few points, you’ll have a chance to win prizes. Random drawing will be happening throughout the contest.

This contest will run until June 9th, so you will have several chances to win a cool prize, you can “qualify” just by doing something like using the #MamothStrength hashtag.

If you do nothing else, you’ll still have enough points to qualify for drawings.

2. "Movers and Shakers" Award

Besides the weekly drawings we also randomly be rewarding the biggest movers and shakers of the day. That doesn't “necessarily” mean the people with the most points, but it mostly means the ones that impress us the most that day.

It may be by getting the most points or maybe you do something “very cool” to get points that we like.

Either way, ANYONE can win this – just have to get ACTIVE in the contest!

3. June 19th - Grand Prize Drawing

June 9th will be the final day of this contest. You have until then to earn as many points as possible. You only need one point to win, but the more points you have the better your odds of winning. We will be drawing the Grand Prize Winner on this day.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive 12 Weeks of Online Training from the Mammoth Strength Staff for FREE. There will be only ONE Grand Prize given away, but we reserve the right to add additional prizes as we see fit.

START RIGHT AWAY if you want your best chances at winning.

What Exactly Do I Have To Do To Win These Cool Prizes?

Lets keep this real SIMPLE. We have given you 10 options on how to earn MORE points. Some options, like using the #MammothStrength Hashtag can be done more than once.

Do them all or just the ones you want – YOUR CHOICE!

The more you do, the more points you earn, the more likely you are to WIN!

Keep in mind, it is possible to win a prize with only a few points. However, you greatly increase your chances of winning by earning more points.

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