Coulda had a V8….

With skyrocketing gas prices the era of the muscle car has long been over. For the most part, being proud of a car for only getting 8mpg is no longer en vogue. Back then raw power was the name of the game. Getting from point A to point B wasn’t enough, you had to rattle a few windows in the process, and look good doing it.
Today we strive for efficiency in our vehicles and in our lives. Fifty years ago we touted the benefits of HARD WORK. Quick, and more importantly EASY, are the name of the game these days, and it is reflected in the way we approach fat loss.  We want things nice, easy, and efficient.

The next time you go to the gym, look at all the people on the cardio equipment. Most of them are the same people that have been there the entire time you have had a gym membership. They are still doing slow and steady cardio. They spend hours and hours at a time trying to burn fat. Yet for some reason they still look the same, just older. That is because there body has adjusted to this process and has become very efficient at slow and steady. This efficiency means that the body no longer has to adapt, which causes progress to stall.

Bring back the muscle car. When fat loss is your goal, you want to be as inefficient as possible. Once you take the steps to get your body to burn fat as fuel, doesn’t it stand to reason that you want it to burn as much FPM (fat per mile) as possible. That means you need a BIG GAS GUZZLING engine. And how do you get that? Strength training. Increasing your lean muscle mass increases your metabolism. This means that you burn more calories even when you sit on your butt and watch tv.

Once you have added a few cylinders to your engine, you have to go out to the track and try it out. And that doesn’t mean that you should set the cruise at the 45mph and ride around. You need to test the top end speed. Get your heartrate up there, be an inefficient, fat burning machine.  Try some high intensity intervals to break yourself out of that cardio rut.  With a bigger engine, and burning enough fuel to make BP proud…how much faster do you think the fat will come off?!

Don’t worry, your body has a built in shut off switch, you will pass out before you die.




  1. GrammyMouseTails

    Great comparisons! young and old should be able to understand the logic behind it! Faythe @GMT

  2. Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach

    LOL, I LOVE this article! Too funny! I am starting again on a weight loss journey to "lose a few pounds" nothing major, but a few. I plan to add some real strength training after this post though! Ha!


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