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Thanks in no small part to the intervention of Randy “Macho Man” Savage, we all survived The Rapture. So what will you do with your reprieve? So often life changing moments such as this are what spurs phrases such as “If I only…I promise I will..”. Well guess what…you are still here. So now what?!

For some reason we always wait till Monday to change our lives. Well Monday is here now. Will this be the Monday that you get your training back on track? Will this be the day that you actually start doing that extra core work you keep saying you are going to do. Will you finally get your conditioning up to par? Where will your training be a year from now? Will you be happy with your progress or wish you had those days back?


So What’s Your Excuse Today?

Throw your index finger up, wag it back in forth…thank the Macho Man…and GET TO WORK!!