Exercises to Increase Speed

Exercises to Increase SpeedWhen shuffling through all the various exercises to increase speed that are available online, most athletes can miss the most important factors when increasing their speed.  Here I will break down the “actual speed” movements and reveal what has been holding you back from gaining any speed at all.

First off we should break down what linear speed comes down too and that is hip extension and hip flexion.  This is basically the lifting of the knee (hip flexion) and followed with the leg extending to the ground and powerfully propelling the body forward (hip extension).

With that being said let’s go over a few key exercises that will really emphasize improving these 2…

  • Box Jumps – explode from the ground and quickly flex the hips to put the feet up and land on a box
  • ESS Jumps (Eliminate Stretch Shortening Cycle) – you will perform the same as a box jump but train your body to explode without using the stored elastic energy within the muscles and tendons
  • Lunge Complex – from a deep lunge position explode as high as possible, followed by as low and fast as possible
  • Triple Jump – off one leg explode forward 2 jumps then on the last land on both legs
  • Power Extension/Quick Flexion – this is just as it sounds explode off one leg to extend the hip, then facing the bench quickly tap it with the ball of the foot

These are just a few different exercises you can actually apply today in your training but make sure you realize there are things that are preventing you from getting faster no matter how many drills or exercises you perform or how hard you work.

But here’s the awesome thing… I have the actual solution for you just watch this short video to find out how to start increasing your speed today!!!

VIDEO: Showing how to get faster

Exercises to Increase Speed



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