Why New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Fail

While we might all think that January 2019 was the longest year ever, the truth is the new year is only 6 weeks old. If you are like most people, your New Year’s Resolutions included some kind of pledge to “really get in shape THIS year”. So, how’s working out working...

Jordan Peterson Saved My Life

There is a reason this website has been relatively silent for a few years. From the fact that my father died in a car accident in 2016, to disintegrating personal relationships with people I thought would always be there, to several failed business ventures; to call...

Carb Nite vs. Carb Back Loading

This is a question that gets quite often, should I do CarbNite or Carb Backlaoding? And unfortunately, like most things fitness related the answer is “it depends”. What it depends on is YOU, and your current level of fitness and your current goals. As a...

Carb Backloading vs. Renegade Diet

Ok, so you may be wondering how does Carb Backloading compare to the Renegade Diet.  Honestly there are some similarities and some differences.  I have tried them both, and for me personally I prefer the CBL because it seems like more of a lifestyle than a “diet”. The...

The Keys to Exercise Selection for Athletes

It’s interesting how much dogma exists in training.  Despite all the information that is available to us today, there are still many things that we do without even thinking about WHY.  For instance take jogging.  Athletes that participate in predominately anaerobic...

Run Faster Jump Higher Throw Harder

What if I told you there was a particular muscle that controlled not only how fast you run, but how high you jump and how hard you can throw?  If you are an athlete that combination would probably be of interest to you.  Let’s face it, run, jump and throw pretty much...

The Crossfit Model For Mediocrity

Ok, ok I did that thing that writer’s do.  I used a really controversial sounding title to get you to read this.  If you are a crossfitter you are probably already in the middle of mentally drafting a scathing comment about how wrong I am.  Don’t forget your stopwatch...

The Best Workout Supplement

Now that the holidays have come and gone, we make another attempt at starting the new year right.  This is that wonderful time of year where gym owners salivate over the renewed enthusiasm for fitness.  The first 90 days of the year will see fitness centers packed...

The Airing of Grievances Fitness Edition

Another holiday season is upon us.  I don’t know about you, but I am not really sure where 2013 went.  This year, as they are want to do, just seemed to fly by.  And just like the many years that proceeded it there were some high points and some low points.  We all...

Gifts for Strength Athletes

With only a few shopping days before Christmas it is crunch time for many of you last minute shoppers.   I have to admit before the advent of the internet I was a Christmas Eve buyer myself.  I would do my shopping throughout the year so I knew what I was getting. ...

Football Strength Training for Mass

What are some of the best football strength training exercises for mass?   As you have heard many strength coaches say, if you want put the BIGGER in Bigger, Stronger, Faster…then you have to train like the BIG Boys.  And the BIG boys in this case, are bodybuilders.  Their entire sport revolves around putting on the most muscle possible.  Now the problem with JUST doing bodybuilding is that you do not build absolute strength, which is necessary for football.  For football you have to be explosive, while maintaining flexibility.

So is being bigger really that important?  Won’t it make me slower?  Well it would if all you were doing was bodybuilding.  There is a reason that BIGGER is important.  Carrying more muscle increases your potential for strength.  Which means you have a better chance of being strong, if you train right..and with this program you will.  Also, as I mentioned before, having more muscle serves as protection.  Football is a brutal game, and if you want to survive you better be bigger than your opponent.  Extra muscle is your suit of armor, and the right football strength and conditioning program will help you build it.  It will protect you from the vicious hits, as well as allow you to dish them out.

Best Football Strength Training Exercises for Mass

  • DB Bench Press
  • Over Head Press
  • Bend Over Rows
  • Single Arm DB Rows
  • Chin Ups
  • Front Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Back Squats
  • Barbell Curls
  • Close Grip Bench Press
These big compounds movements should be the staple of any football strength program.  They give you the most bang for your buck.  Concentration curls are not going to do anything for you except make you look better in your uniform.  There is nothing wrong with that until you step on the field and meet an opponent who spent that time lifting heavy weight.  Who do you think is going to win that battle?  All things being equal the strongest athlete will win.  This is especially true in a contact sport like football.  So your football strength training should always strive to make you stronger.

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