Best Golf Exercises

best golf exercises

So what are the best golf exercises for your golf workouts? Honestly, I hate the term “sport specific”. So many of the things you see recommended for golf workouts are gimmicks. If you are serious about golf, then your workouts should be made up of solid exercise choices. Golfers are athletes, and should engage in regular strength training sessions. Golfers should work on the bigger muscle groups, using compound movements. Squats, Deadlifts, Benches, Military Presses should be staples of your golf workouts. Increasing you absolute strength will carry over to your strength on the course.

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Having said that, golf is a rotational sport. There are exercises for golfers that aren’t necessarily sport specific, but will increase your rotational strength and speed.

Best Golf Exercises

  1. Barbell Russian Twists
  2. Medicine Ball Rotations
  3. Tornado Ball

Barbell Russian Twists: To set this exercise up wedge one end of a barbell into the corner and get underneath the other end. Load the end that you are holding onto with a fairly light weight to start. With the barbell held in both hands, extend your arms out in front. Your hands should be at about eye level. From here, you’re going to drop the bar towards one hip, keeping your arms extended and eyes straight ahead. The rotation should come from the upper spine, not the lower back, so focus on keeping your belly button straight ahead also. From the bottom position, rotate back to the starting position and then rotate to the other side.

Medicine Ball Rotational Throws: Using a medicine ball between 5-10lbs, take a shoulder width stance with your feet perpendicular to the wall. Hold the ball in both hands at waist level. Rotate shoulders, arms, trunk and head away from the wall as far as possible then immediately twist back the opposite direction and explosively throw the ball. Catch the ball as it bounces back, and repeat the motion. After doing 10-15 reps on one side, switch to the other side.

Tornado Ball: Basically a tornado ball is a medicine ball with a rope attached for doing rotational work. For instructions on how to make a tornado ball >CLICK HERE< Once you have your tornado ball, stand only a few inches away from a wall. Facing away from the wall, swing the ball to the right until it hits the wall. Instantly rotate in the opposite direction until the ball hits the wall. Do these in continuous motion, and do them for time. 30 secs is a good work interval.

BONUS: Slosh Pipe: A slosh pipe is simply a 9ft. piece of PVC, filled with 30-40lbs of water, and capped on both ends. Because the water only occupies half of the pipe it “sloshes” back and forth whenever you try to move it. This makes it a killer core workout. Simply holding a slosh pipe has been described as “like wrestling a snake”. How to make a slosh pipe >CLICK HERE<

There you have it. A collection of great exercises for golfers. Add them to your golf workouts, and your strength and flexibility will dramatically improve. That improvement will have a direct carry over to the course in the form of greater swing speed and distance.

best golf exercises



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