Golf Stretching Exercises That Increase Distance

One part of lowering your scores is flexibility. Not only will it increase your distance off the tee, but it will decrease your chance of injury. So what are some good golf stretching exercises to add to your golf workouts?

Back in 1992 Jim Mclean introduced the concept of “The X Factor” to golfers. This was a revolutionary idea that revealed one of the secrets of the pros high club head speed. He found that greater the angle of your shoulders relative to your hips at the top of the backswing created a tremendous amount of torque which translated into distance.

Opening your hips to the target line while your upper body lags behind is what creates this strong position. This stretch allows the muscles in your core to create tremendous power. The bottom line is the higher your X-Factor, the farther you will hit the ball.

golf stretching exercises

The best way to increase this X-Factor is with specific golf stretching exercises. If you are serious about your game, then a few minutes a day is a small investment. Believe me I don’t like stretching either. Quite honestly it is one of the most boring things ever. However, you know what is worse? Being injured is much, much worse. You know what else is worse? Not being able to strike the ball properly because of flexibility issues. Now I am not saying that you need to adapt Tiger Woods Workout or anything like that. However these few basic stretches can have a tremendous effect on your golf swing and your scorecard.

Golf Stretching Exercises


These golf stretches add degrees to your X-Factor, help you hit the ball farther, and reduce your chance of injury. If you want to increase you distance then you need to increase your clubhead speed. Increasing your X-Factor is one of the most effective ways to do just that. Just remember, as little as 1mph added to your swing speed can give you 5 more yards. Add these golf stretching exercises to your workouts, and you will notice the difference off the tee and on the course.



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