Hardgainer Workout Mistakes

There are some hardgainer workout mistakes that we all have made at one time or another. You might be making one or more of these mistakes now. This list will give you an idea of things that hardgainers have to avoid like the plague if they hope to gain any muscle at all.

==>Avoid Hardgainer Workout Mistakes<==

hardgainer workout

Top 5 HardGainer Workout Mistakes

  1. Not Using Progressive Overload
  2. Not Training Often Enough
  3. Training With Too Much Volume
  4. You Don’t Cycle Your Training
  5. Do Not Have a Plan That Works

Not Using Progressive Overload: This may be the single biggest mistake. You have to get stronger in your workouts if you plan to gain any type of mass. Using the same set, reps and weights will do absolutely nothing for you. You will be spinning your wheels and wasting your time. Keep lifting heavier.

Not Training Often Enough: Training frequency is something that is often overlooked. Think of the huge amount of difference there is between training a muscle group once a week and twice a week. Over the course of a training year that adds up to a lot of potential muscle growth. Increase the frequency of your workouts.

Training With Too Much Volume: Obviously if you increase the training frequency of your workouts you could potentially overtrain. That is something that skinny guys have to look out for. You have to watch your volume and not out train your recovery. Again, if you do that, you will not make any progress.

You Don’t Cycle Your Training: Cycling your training is also important. It is a way to slowly ramp up the volume of your workouts, and then back off and give your body a chance to grow. Think of it as taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Over time this approach will add slabs of muscle to your skinny frame.

Do Not Have a Plan That Works: This is also a huge mistake. You have a plan if you want to make progress in the gym. And a hardgainer’s plan is even more important considering the genetic challenges you face. In the next post I will reveal more secrets on the best hardgainer’s workout, so you will finally have a plan that works.

Hardgainer Workout



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