Hockey Weight Training

Obviously weight training is a major part of your hockey workout program. Yes hockey is a game of speed and skill, but it’s also a collision sport. Not only must you be able to deliver hits, but you must able to effectively endure hits. Hockey is a sport that requires both strength and power. Pinning an opponent in the corner is a matter or strength. While getting up to top speed as quickly as possible is an example of power. To be an elite hockey player you need a weight training program that develops both.

hockey workout program

One unique thing about strength training is that if you increase your absolute strength, then all other aspects of strength are increased. For instance, if you increase your squat strength, then your skating speed will be increased. However the converse isn’t true. Increasing your skating speed will do little to increase your absolute strength. So in an effort to keep your hockey weight training program simple, absolute strength should be your main focus.

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So if absolute strength is your focus, what exercises are the most effective. As with most athletic strength programs, compound barbell movements give you the most bang for your buck. Training economy is important. There are so many other skills that must be worked on in a workout program that you simply don’t have time to waste off ice on ineffective exercises.

While it may not be too earth shattering or sexy, the best exercises for hockey are the best exercises for most sports.

Hockey Workout Program Exercises


  1. Push Press
  2. Squat
  3. Bench Press
  4. Deadlift
  5. Power Clean
These exercises should be the staples of your hockey workout program. If your strength on these movements increases, so will your speed and power on the ice. As a general rule, if you deadlift is improving then your program is on track.

==>Best Hockout Workout Program<==



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