How To Increase Athletic Performance

Chances are, if you are reading a strength and conditioning website, you are interesting in athletic performance.  You are looking for the latest cutting edge ideas, and the newest studies.  You either want to get past a plateau, or you are looking to speed up your current rate of progress.  So what is the big secret?  Well I have the answer for you.  Are you ready?!

How Do You Increase Athletic Performance?

To quote Warrior #11 of The 13 Warriors…”GROW STRONGER!!”

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Honestly, for a huge percentage of athletes that is the simple answer.  The younger the athlete the more likely it is that getting stronger should be their only focus.  Before their were bosu balls, wobble boards, trx, or even weight machines; there was HARD WORK!!

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for learning.  Training is a fluid state, and must evolve.  I believe in “smart work” and read something new about training every single day.  However, I am not looking for a way around hard work.  I am looking for something to compliment what I am already doing.  Athletic performance is based on absolute strength.  Quit looking for a quick fix, get in there and “JUST DO F*CKIN WORK!”

Want to run a faster 40? LIFT HEAVY!

Want to jump higher? LIFT HEAVY!

Want to pack on muscle? LIFT HEAVY!

Want to maintain muscle while dieting? LIFT HEAVY!

It really is that simple.  Now as Dan John says, “I said it was be simple, not easy.”  And there in lies the problem I think.  It’s called HARD work for a reason.  It sucks, its uncomfortable, sometimes it hurts, it makes you sweat, and it tests your mental toughness.  And because of that, athletes often look for a way around it.  They invest tons of $$ in all kinds of gadgets and gimmicks.  They want the results without paying their dues.  Unfortunately for them, a suitable replacement has not been found.  Not even performance enhancing drugs can help you if you don’t put in the effort.

Athletes have to look at training as a process.  You have to take the long view.  Realize that if you set your goals high enough, it is going to take time and effort on your part.  “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going”.  Athletes that jump from quick fix to quick fix are wasting valuable training time.  By the time you try the latest gadget and realize it has gotten you nowhere, weeks or months have passed.  What progress could you have made in that time if you just focused on lifting heavy?  And if you ask these athletes how much progress they have made in the past year, they rarely have anything to show.  Yet they still look for shortcuts.  DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE!!

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No matter what your competitive field of battle, increasing your absolute strength will increase your performance.  And performance is the name of every game.

If you are looking for a program to increase your athletic performance, check out “The Show and Go Training System” by Eric Cressey.  It is a perfect example of intelligent, HARD WORK!




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  1. Julie @Momspective

    I want to get my abs to prove them selves. Help me do that.



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