It Takes a Village

Ok…one thing thing I will never be is political.  And I won’t even get into my personal thoughts on the Clinton Clan.  However, the above quote is one of the few things Hillary Clinton has ever said that I agree with, though I disagree in her application of the sentiment.

I personally have lost over 100lbs over the course of a year, so I know how hard it is to go through a physical transformation.  Before you congratulate me, DON’T, I was the one that made myself fat and subsequently fixed it.  During the process I learned something interesting.  Perhaps it was something that I already knew, but it still was shocking to experience in person…

The general public really doesn’t want you or anyone to succeed.  For the most part humankind is just mindless sheep that wander through life following the path of least resistence.  Whenever you try to do something awesome, whether it is conciously or not, most people want to sabotage you.  Your success only points out their mediocrity, and that is the last thing that they want.  They might actually to DO something, or risk faliure.

Even loved ones will behave this way.  That was the most surprising thing.  I remember when I was dieting strictly I almost had to stop eating socially.  It got so annyoning having to explain WHY I was doing what I was doing.  I was over 300lbs and on the verge of “death by cheeseburger”, and these people wanted me to explain WHY I was trying to do something about it.  SERIOUSLY?!

My point about “It takes a village” is that whenever you try to make a drastic change you need a strong support system.  You should not have to explain yourself to people that truly care.  It amazed me how much eating bad food closely resembled being an alcoholic.  You are sitting at a table with family, and they are beggin you “c’mon….have a piece of cake…it won’t hurt”.  Begging you to make the same bad food choices they are making so they don’t feel guilty.  No wonder so many diet/exercise plans fail when people are surrounded by others that don’t want to climb out of their happy little rut.

Whever you try to do something amazing, expect resistence.  Perhaps equally as important as proper diet and exercise, to reach your fitness goals you much surround yourself with like-minded people.  Don’t let other’s complaceny distract you from your goals.




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