Jon Beason Workout

Jon Beason WorkoutJon Beason might be the biggest beast on the field at any given time.  This guy has power, speed, and strength with a relentless work ethic giving all the credit to the Jon Beason workout.  Let’s take an in depth look at his actual training that’s made the man what he is today….

First Jon starts with a series of explosive speed and footwork drills that you see here…

Next, he takes it in the gym and really punishes his body by lifting for power, strength, hypertrophy, and balance.  Let’s go over all these aspects…

Power– he will start off with some kind of pull or push depending on the day.  This will really develop explosive hips.  These are your cleans, snatches, and jerks and he keeps the reps low from 1-5 but keeps the intensity really high.

Strength– Is where he really loads the bar up but still performs complex movements.  This will be his squats, front squats, bench, incline, or military press.  And really focus’s on taxing the nervous system to develop strong movements

Hypertrophy– These are the auxiliary lifts that help aid in adding dense slabs of muscle on his frame.  He performs these in the 10-12 rep range and it’s exercises such as pull ups, rows, raises, curls, and pushdowns.

Balance – this is the functional aspect of Jon’s training where he really works his balance and core in a variety forms of dynamic movements to really prep him for the season and on-field play.

Following a complete training program can get you the same results as Beason but it takes dedication and relentless hard work.  The program is here for you, it’s how hard you want to work day in and day out.



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