Julius Peppers Workout

Julius Peppers WorkoutJulius Peppers

6’7 287 lbs.

Defensive End

He is a giant amongst men and sure he has genetically gifted size but don’t for get to give credit to the Julius Peppers workout. Ever since he started playing at a really high level he began taking his training really serious.

Let’s take an in depth look at his actual workout thanks to Stack TV and see how it differs from the Dwight Freeney workout even though they play the same position

Field Work

Long-Stride Duck Walk with Sled Drive
• Start 10 yards away from sled

• Perform Duck Walk—walking crouched down with hips at knee level—for 10 yards

• Within one foot of contacting sled, raise your chin while maintaining low hips; pause briefly

• Explode into sled and drive it for three steps, keeping hips low

Sets/Distance: 3×10 yards, rest 60 seconds between sets
Benefits: Improved power when legs are fatigued

Julius Peppers Workout

Quick Steps

• Stand in front of three- to six-inch high step

• Step up with right foot, then left

• Step down with right foot, then left

• Repeat pattern as quickly as possible for specified time

• Alternate lead foot each set

Sets/Distance/Recovery: 5×30 seconds; rest 60 seconds between sets

Perpendicular Sled Drive

• Assume low squat position with sled arm’s length to right

• Keeping hips low, pivot and explode into sled

• With hips locked out, perform explosive bench press movement with sled five times

• Repeat with sled to left

Sets/Distance/Recovery: 2×5 each side; rest 60 seconds between sets

45-Degree Lunge Walk with Sled Drive

• Perform 45-degree Lunge Walk—stepping diagonally each time—for 10 yards toward sled

• Upon reaching sled, explode into it without taking false step or adjusting feet in any way

Sets/Distance/Recovery: 3×10 yards; rest 60 seconds between sets

Core Training
Arnold agrees that a strong core is essential to being a successful football player; but he also thinks that some athletes overdo it. “The core is overemphasized these days,” he says. “You see some athletes working it every day, and they get so caught up in it that before they know it 45 minutes have gone by and they’re still training their abs. So many other things could’ve been done in that time.”

To keep Julius’ core training quick and to the point, Arnold has him perform a single set of the following exercises, sometimes between working other muscle groups.

Partner Stick Resistance

• Hold stick with shoulder-width grip and assume squat position with low center of gravity and good foot surface on ground>

• Raise stick forward to shoulder level and allow partner to grasp stick between hands

• Without letting head or chest dip or feet come together, maintain balance and resist partner’s movement as he forcefully pushes and pulls stick in all directions

Advanced Modification: Perform last set with eyes closed
Sets/Duration/Recovery: 5×10 seconds; rest 60 seconds between sets
Benefits: Improved balance, quickness, body awareness, power and reaction

Elbow Crunch

• Lie with back and elbows on ground

• Keeping elbows on ground, perform crunch

Sets/Reps: 1×25
MB Crunch with Touch

• Lie with back on ground and hold med ball with straight arms in front of chest

• As partner moves hands to various locations, crunch up and touch ball to his hands

Sets/Reps: 1×25
Med Ball Sit-up with Resisted Negative

• Lie on back and hold med ball against chest

• Perform sit-up

• Resist as partner pushes against med ball as you go back down

Sets/Reps: 1×10
Side Plank

• Lie on side with elbow tucked underneath

• Raise body into side plank position so that only elbow and side of foot are touching ground

• Lower with control; repeat

Sets/Reps: 1×25 each side
Plank with Hand Touch

• Assume plank position on toes and elbows, with partner in front of you

• Keeping body in straight line, reach right hand out to touch partner’s hand

• Place right elbow down, repeat with left hand

• Continue in controlled, alternating fashion for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 1×20
Med Ball Rotation with Resistance

• With partner on either side, assume athletic stance and hold med ball in front at shoulder level

• Without pivoting, rotate left. Keep hips low and resist as partner pushes against med ball

• Return to center, then rotate right

• Resist as partner pushes against med ball

• Continue rotating quickly and resisting for specified reps

Advanced: Perform last set with eyes closed. Partner will push med ball in any direction
Sets/Reps/Recovery: 3×10 each side; rest 60 seconds between sets

Jack Knife with Resistance

• Lie with back on ground, knees bent 90 degrees and arms extended straight out in front of chest

• Squeeze abdominals to bring knees and arms together

• Resist as partner tries to push knees away from your arms

Sets/Reps: 1×15 seconds”



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