How Lifting Weights Makes Your Sprint Faster

how to sprint faster

If you are looking for how to sprint faster but understand it takes more than running and stretching then you came to the right place. Let's go over the main weight lifting exercises to perform to make you faster…

Squat – the squat with the feet lined up just outside the shoulders works the most amount of muscle mass in the case of sprinting. It attacks the posterior chain which consists on the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. These are the muscles from the running cycle that provide the motor for forcefully propelling yourself down the field or court.

Other Exercises similar to the squat – Front Squat, Deadlift, Trap bar deadlift, Snatch-grip deadlift, etc…

Lunges – these exercises emphasize on the unilateral movement of the body. These focus on training the body while the body is in the “split-stance” which we perform when we are sprinting. Any movement that mimics the sport specific movement you are performing will allow you to improve.

Other Exercises similar to Lunges – Step-ups, Bulgarian Split Squats, around the world lunges, etc…

how to sprint faster

Power Cleans – the power clean mimics the direct movements used in the sprint cycle and should be implemented into every sprinters training regimen. As you pull the bar from the ground up towards the upright position you are performing powerful hip extension which is the powerful phase of the running cycle where you push the foot through the ground propelling your body down the field or track. Then as you receive the bar as fast as possible you pull the knees up flexing the hips as quickly as possible. This mimics the phase of the running cycle in which you are driving the knee up and getting ready to turn over into the ground again.

Other Exercises similar to Power Cleans – Hang cleans, Snatches, Hang snatches, etc…

These are just 3 of the main groups that you want to start implementing into your training in order to sprint faster. To really make sure you are becoming a faster sprinter you want to make sure you are following a completely balanced weight lifting routine that focuses on all areas of the body with complex movements through the kinetic chain.

Make sure that you have eliminated all the muscle imbalances that are holding you back from sprinting faster as well as any weak muscles that are utilized in the sprinting cycle.

how to sprint faster



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