Mark Ingram Workout

Mark Ingram

5’10” 212 lbs.
40 time – 4.62
Bench Press – 21 Reps
Vertical Jump – 31.5

The Mark Ingram workout is responsible for these numbers that Mark put up at the NFL combine. He has been applying a strict workout routine since he was in high school in Michigan. So just what is the secret behind Mark’s amazing explosiveness?

It’s simple… It’s all in his style of training he says, “varied distance sprint intervals, plus explosive compound lifts in the weight room.” This is what makes him have a lean but massive body with tree trunk size legs to over power most defenders.

What exactly is sprint intervals and how do you do them?

Sprint interval training is a style of training where you have repeated bouts of high intensity sprints with a logical rest period depending on what energy system you want to train in. In Mark’s case playing football, he would follow a variety of sprint distances but make sure they were at 100% intensity and the recovery period was long enough so he is training in the creatine phosphate system. This style of training mimics the style of play on the field.

What exactly are explosive compound lifts and how do you perform them?

Explosive compound lifts are weight room lifts that usually use multiple joints to work in synchronicity while moving the load as fast as possible. Example of these lifts would be power clean, power snatch, bench press, squat, power jerk, split jerk, etc… In Mark’s case he would perform many olympic lifts in order to train powerful hip extension and quick hip flexion, which translates on to the field.  Here’s some examples…

Mark Ingram’s workout routine is one that follows the traditional protocol for football players and has the basic components of any program. The difference with him is he has a well organized program that constantly progress’s him and allows himself to always push his limits.

Following a plan like this is essential when training in the off-season. To check one out click here… Total Xplosive Training




  1. Lakesha

    You keep it up now, unrdestand? Really good to know.

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  3. joe

    whats the recovery time between workouts


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