Maurice Jones Drew Workout

I believe everyone agrees that Maurice Jones Drew is a complete monster in a 5’7 frame but we can’t just credit this to the Maurice Jones Drew workout. It is a mixture of his training, genetics, and relentless hard work.

Maurices workout routine is designed by Pete Bommarito, owner of Bommarito Performance, an athletic training facility in Adventura, Florida. Here Maurice follows a balanced training attack that emphasizes speed and power.

As you can see mechanical speed, explosiveness, and strength are the main components of his training. Along with learning a balanced healthy lifestyle with all the nutrition he needs.

To learn more about this kind of training… click here

Another aspect of Maurice’s training is his core. As a running back he has one of the best controls of his body in the entire league and this is all due to his amazingly strong core.

See a strong core leads to better body control because you can transfer energy more quickly and efficiently from lower to upper body and vice versa. Transferring energy can be thought of as being able to utilize your entire body in unison across multiple complex joints. Watch this video explaining his core training…


Maurice trains with a complete program that emphasizes everything he needs to play the game. To have a complete program just click here.



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