What’s Your Motivation?!


Why do you think that Drill Sergeants seem to be jerks? Part of it may be that it’s a position that attracts that kind of personality. Whether it comes naturally or not, it is sort of a job requirement. They want to test your intestinal fortitude, and see what you are made of. Not only that; he wants you to hate him. More specifically he wants ALL of his troops to hate him collectively. Thus, creating an US vs HIM mentality which builds a solid team, one that functions as a unit.

Barney Bootcamp?!

In an actual boot camp situation, the kind with guns, the drill instructor does not have to adjust his style for his recruits. They have to adjust to the instructor or risk washing out. In the civilian setting where boot camps and training are elective, the coach has to be more accommodating. A coach not only has to understand how each athlete learns, but what motivates them. Some are very loud and animated, and their motivation is mostly external. Others require silence and focus; their motivation coming from within. We are all trying to get to the same place, we just take different roads. It’s our job as coaches and teammates to recognize these differences.


May lead to an annoying British Accent

Now when it comes to internal motivation there really is no trick. Shut up and let them go pretty much covers it. They need peace and quiet.  It is a good idea to remind them of one thing before they make a PR attempt. Give them one technical key, and let them focus. If it works for them then that is all that matters, there is no right or wrong way to motivate yourself.  Honestly though, I much prefer the externally motivated athlete/teammate.  Helping them get motivated is a much more interactive process; not to mention more fun.



First and foremost, I understand the externally motivated better because that is how I motivate myself in gym. Surprisingly enough I tend to be somewhat reserved outside of the weight room, however training for athletic performance allows me to draw from some primal reserves. It also is somewhat cathartic. During the course of the day, whenever something bothers me or ticks me off, rather than react negatively I make a mental note and use it for motivation later in the gym.

Definitely Externally Motivated

With the externally motivated you have to be willing to get in their face, and challenge them. I honestly believe that anything goes in the pursuit of increased athletic performance. As a coach or teammate I will literally say or do ANYTHING, no matter how derogatory or downright mean it is in an effort to motivate someone towards greatness.  It cannot and should not be taken personally.  If we learned one thing from Dalton, it’s that it doesn’t matter if someone says your mother is a whore unless she actually is, otherwise they are just words used to elicit a response.


BE NICE..until it's time to not be nice.

As coaches and athletes we realize that “the zone” is a real place, and wonderfully magical things can happen there. Unfortunately it can be very hard to find at times. A team is only as strong as it’s weakest member. We have to know how to help each other get there. Pay attention to how one another is motivated, and help them accordingly.

So What’s Your Motivation?!




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