Move along…nothing to see here….

This is Tupperware. There is nothing remarkable about it, and definitely no reason for people to fear it. It is simply a container used to store food.  It has no evil agenda to speak of, and should be allowed to pass unnoticed.  So why is it whenever I break it out to eat my pre-prepared food, people literally FREAK OUT?!

Then there is a natural progression. Stage one is the questions stage…”whatcha got in there?” “Are you on a diet?” Stage two is the excuses stage…”I wish I had time to prepare my food.” “Doesn’t matter what I eat, I can’t lose weight.” Stage three is the rationalization stage…”It’s too expensive to eat like that.” “I can go to Taco Bell and get 3 meals for $10”. Usually after Stage three they stop their rant because they have finally realized that I haven’t really acknowledged anything that they have said, and have finished eating. Honestly, they didn’t really want a response from me, they just wanted to remind themselves why they CAN’T do what I am doing.

But let’s look at their motivation. Why do they care what I eat?! SERIOUSLY?! If I go with friends to a restaurant and they order the double bacon burger with extra bacon…do I say anything?! Nope, cause I really don’t care. In fact if I am at a table full of people that have just supersized their meal, why are all eyes on me when I order something “healthy”?! It really is a sad commentary on us as a society, when the one person in the group that wants to improve themselves, rather than bitch about why they can’t, is questioned.

It really is like the alcoholic that wants you to drink with them. They know they are weak willed and want you to mirror their actions so they don’t actually have to look at themselves with disappointment. Whenever someone tries to better themselves, other people, who lack the discipline to do the same attempt to pull them back to the pack. We as a society continue to cater to the lowest common denominator. It’s kind of like the joy some people take when celebrities get caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. “Hey look, Random Rock Star is just as screwed up as me….I now feel better about my mediocre existence.”

How sad is that?!



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