Not Enough Time?!

Ok, it has been awhile since I have written anything.  Just like everyone else I get busy, but let’s be honest here, when something is important to us we find the time.  I honestly didn’t feel like writing.  It’s kinda like when you don’t hear from someone for a long time.  When you ask them why, they inevitably say, “I’ve been busy”.  What they are actually saying is “you are NOT a priority”.

You hear the term TIME MANAGEMENT all the time.  However, it’s NOT time management, it’s basically setting your priorities.  Everyone has the same number of hours in the day, no matter how much we wish we could change that.  So you have to prioritize the things that are important to you.

How does this apply to the world of fitness.  I hear the excuses all the time…”didn’t have time to workout”, “didn’t have time to make food”….but my favorite is “DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO EAT!”  Let me repeat that….”DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO EAT!”  SERIOUSLY?!  I can’t believe how many times I have had a client show up to the gym, and almost pass out during a workout.  When I ask them what they had to eat that day the list is minimal at best, consuming maybe one meal over an 8hr period.  When I ask why…I always get, “DIDN’T HAVE TIME”.  How can someone not have time to eat?!

If you actually have your food prepared beforehand, it literally takes 5 mins or so to physically consume a meal.  So why don’t these people have food prepared.  Yet again, not enough time.  The thing that always amuses me about these people without time is that they always know the score of last night’s game, or worse, the story line of last night’s tv show.  So basically they are prioritizing mindless entertainment rather than their health.  That seriously is what it boils down to.

It seriously does NOT take that much time to have healthy food on hand.  I can bake 10lbs of chicken breast, a few pounds of sweet potatoes, grill a few pounds of steak, and boil a pound or so of rice in just over an hr.  And I can do it all while watching football.  It takes absolutely no special kitchen proficiency on my part, that I promise you.  If you invest in some tupperware you can then divide up all your food into meals and you are good to for for 2-3 days.  So in 2-3hrs a week I can cook all the staples in my diet, and have them available to me in a matter of mins.

On a side note, people always complain about the COST of eating healthy.  The Cost?!  First of all, which would you rather spend your money on….healthy food, or doctor’s bills?  Having said that, how much do you spend at McDonalds for an Extra VALUE meal?  $6-$7?!  I can almost feed myself for a day for that amount.  I eat at least 6 meals a day, and spend approximately $10 a day for food.  How much do you spend on Fast Food each week?  Oh and since I prepack all my meals, my healthy food is FASTER since I don’t have to go anywhere to get it.

So which is more important to you….a HEALTHY LIFE, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians?!




  1. Shannon

    This was OH SO TRUE!!!

  2. Stephen

    I just wanna say: nice! Thanks, really.


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