The Power of Perception


Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have that one relative that is completely “out of it”.  Usually it is in the form of an octogenarian grandmother that has too many cats, and loves to throw out non-PC comments at the dinner table like she has Civil War era tourettes.  This phenomenon might be more prevalent in the South, but I am sure it is a nationwide epidemic.

If your family tree does not contain this geriatric wonder, then chances are you at least know someone that is stuck in the past.  I have an acquaintance that refuses to believe that Metallica is old, ponytails are out, and that he is no longer single.  When every story starts with “Back in the 90’s…”, it means you need to buy a calendar and try to catch up.

Science Can Prove This is Impossible

Science Can Prove This is Impossible

How much does perception shape our lives?  So many of the things that we believe may or may not be true depend on our point of view.  You can be a success or a failure depending on the people that you surround yourself with.  You can be strong or weak…fast or slow…it all depends on who you compare yourself to.  Surround yourself with weaker people and they will convince you that you are strong and that you do not need to work that hard.  Or you surround yourself with stronger people and you may believe that will never get there.  The converse of that is that if you surround yourself with stronger people it will get you a rabbit to chase.  It gives you goals.

Perception Causes Fear and Complacency.

The Power of Perception

Don’t Allow Others to Fence You In

Have you ever been driving along a country road and seen a bull inside a fence.  When you see the fence, you realize he could easily knock down.  What you should realize is that its not the fence that keeps him locked up, but his mind.  He has accepted the limit of the fence.


Strength is not a linear process.  Have you ever noticed that World Records are not linear either?  Long amounts of time will pass, someone finally breaks a record, and then others follow suit….much like strength training…fix a weak link and you set a new record…sometimes your perception can be the weak link.  Much like the bull, your mind sets limits.

“Use no way as way, no limitation as limitation”

“Use no way as way, no limitation as limitation”

Once you believe that you can reach a goal it becomes much easier to obtain.  If you find training partners that show you what you want to do is possible then you have struck training gold.  If you want to bench 500lbs, surround yourself with 500lb benchers.  If you want to run a sub 4.5/40, then train with the fast guys.  If you see it once on TV then it might seem impossible.  If you see it everyday in training, then it is just the way things are, and it’s easier to believe you will get there.  PERCEPTION.

Don’t allow weaker people to hold you back.  It is better to train alone than to train with weaker minded people that will only slow you down.  Choose your training partners wisely.  The right training partners can take your training to a new level.  The wrong training partner can keep you from reaching your goals if you allow it.



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