Pro Football Workouts Revealed

Football is an explosive sport, that requires strength, speed, and agility.  Training for all different aspects of the sport is not an easy task.  Obviously to be an elite level football player that gets noticed you have to spend hours and hours working on the skills of your position.  Therefore you cannot waste time on ineffective football workouts.

Training the “mirror muscles” is NOT the answer.  Bodybuilding workouts will not get you ready for the gridiron.  Football strength training should be centered around performance.  If you are all show and no go you will get hurt in football, and that’s only if you get on the field.

=>Take Your Football Workouts To The Next Level<==

Why do you think NFL teams have specialists for every aspect of football strength and conditioning?  When they aren’t in a lockout, these teams are investing millions and millions of dollars in these players.  They obviously realize the dramatic effect that proper conditioning can have on each player’s performance on the field.

So how does this help y0u?  Do you have to go out and hire five different strength coaches, all with different specialties to program your football workouts?  Well you could, but if that was an option I doubt you would be reading this to begin with.  So what is the answer?  Well luckily, I have found an alternative.

Jason Ferruggia is the owner of Renegade Training Center in Watchung, NJ and the chief training adviser to Men’s Fitness magazine where he also has his own monthly column.  He has created RENEGADE FOOTBALL STRENGTH. RFS is the ultimate 12 week blueprint for creating unstoppable, bad-ass, gridiron warriors. By following this step by step system you will leave no stone unturned and will be physically and mentally prepared to have the best season of your entire life.

Finally everything you need in y0ur workouts to develop blazing speed, functional dynamic strength, tackling power and the gas to dominate your opponent in every phase of play.  Develop the skills that get noticed by coaches and scouts.  Want to earn that starting spot, scholarship, or better yet contract?  Then the RENEGADE FOOTBALL STRENGTH PROGRAM is for you.

Inside Renegade Football Strength You’ll Discover…

  • The 11 critical factors every football player absolutely must address in his training.
  • A pre workout dynamic warm up that will fire up your nervous system and improve your mobility dramatically.
  • A step-by-step, 12 week strength training program that will build muscle, strength and power… Sets, reps, exercises, rest periods all laid out in full detail.
  • Not only will you get one twelve week program you’ll get THREE! One for each level- Rookie, Veteran and All Pro. That’s three entire summer’s worth of workouts!
  • How to build real world, functional strength that you can actually use on the field.
  • Why certain muscle building protocols will make you slower and destroy your endurance.
  • The best exercises for building explosive speed and power.
  • How to improve your agility and start moving like a Pro Bowler.
  • A fully detailed, step-by-step 12 week speed, agility and conditioning program.
  • A surefire way to prevent plateaus and minimize the risk of injury.
  • How to optimally train for the 40 yard dash and the 300 yard shuttle.
  • How to bench, squat and clean more than ever beforewhen you report to camp this year. Time for the record boards to be erased!


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