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So you want to plan your softball workouts to be as effective as possible. You know that the other players are becoming stronger and faster. Softball continues to become more and more competitive. Obviously, if you are here, you are looking for an edge.

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We’ve already discussed whether or not you should include Olympic lifts in your workouts, but what about everything else? How do you organize strength training, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, and softball drills all in one program? There are only so many hours in the day, and you have a limited amount of training time. So how do you maximize the results you get, and become a better softball player?

softball workouts

Obviously, NCAA Division 1 softball colleges hire strength and conditioning experts, to help their athletes reach their potential. What if you school doesn’t have an offseason conditioning program? What if you are trying to make the team for the first time? Does that mean that to reach an elite level you have to pay a performance specialist thousands of dollars a year? Well you could, and chances are you would get the results you wanted. However, for most people that is not a viable option. So do you sign up at the local fitness center, and hire a personal trainer? Again you could, but most trainers do not have a background working with athletes. Chances are your results would not be optimal.
marc-dagenaisWhat if I said you could train like a top athlete with your own, fully personalized Softball Workouts using the same breakthrough training techniques and innovative exercises the best players in the world use to achieve extraordinary performances? Let me introduce you to Marc Dagenais, MHK, CSCS, ChPC Softball’s Top Strength & Conditioning Coach. He can develop a progam just for you. In less than 3 months, using a World-Class softball workout program, you can literally take your game to the next level by throwing a lot harder, running much faster and hitting harder than ever before.

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