Proper Deadlift Form Explained


Why is Proper Deadlift Form Important?

We all know that whenever you are lifting maximal weight, there is always a chance for injury.  If you use bad form you are only increasing your risk of injury.  It simply is not worth it.  If you get injured how long will you be out of commission?  How many workouts will you miss?  How much strength will you lose in that time?  Whether you are a World Record Deadlifter or just a novice getting started, having the proper form is very important.

As your strength increases your form becomes even more important.  Any time that  you attempt a max effort lift, the difference between making it and missing it can be just a few inches.  You can have all the strength you want, but if you technique is off, then you will not be able to lift as much as you should.  Also

Keys To Proper Deadlift Form

Deadlift Set-Up Points

  • Hip Width Stance
  • Feet Point Forwards
  • Bar Close To Shins
  • Lower Back Arched
  • Shoulders Relaxed
  • Arms Straight
  • Head Neutral

As You Pull The Bar

  • Keep Bar Close To Body
  • At Knee Height, Drive Glutes Forward
  • Abs Braced Throughout
  • At Lockout Do Not Hyper-Extend

In this video you can see Andy going through the proper set up and execution of the deadlift.  Keep in mind this is the same set up and form that Andy has used to set World Records in the deadlift.  So obviously he has spent many years to find the most efficient and safest manner in which to pull the most weight possible.

Now it is obvious that we are all build slightly differently.  The best position for one person may not be the best position for someone else.  Having said that though, there are a few things that are pretty much universal.  Some of the details may chance from person to person, but the tips laid out here will work for virtually everyone.

Now that you have your deadlift form perfected I am sure you want to start adding some serious weight.  There is no better test of absolute strength than the deadlift.  Some will argue that the squat is a better test, however with the squat the argument about depth comes into play.  In the deadlift there really is no argument, you either pick the weight up off the floor or you do not.  And if you are on this site chances are you want to pick up the most weight possible.

As luck would have it Andy has teamed with Pavel Tsatouline to create the definitive deadlift program on the internet.  There literally is no program like it.  In fact it may be the only program that is dedicated specifically to the deadlift.  That’s ok though because it is the only one that you need.  If you want to lift the most weight possible while keeping yourself safe and healthy then you owe it to yourself to check out “Deadlift Dynamite”.  It really is the ultimate deadlift program.  It will make sure you have proper deadlift form, and it will take your deadlifting to a whole new level.

proper deadlift form

proper deadlift form



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