Randy Couture Diet

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the Randy Couture Diet. Randy used this diet to move down to the light heavyweight division from the heavyweights.

While you may never step into the octagon, you can still use some of the concepts of his diet to improve your health, endurance and performance. It has been documented that some foods can have either an alkaline or acid effect on the body.

==>Randy Couture Diet Secrets<==

Acid causing foods include animal products, dairy, sugar and processed grains. While green leafy vegetables are highly alkaline. When you consider that the stress from training also causes a rise of acid in the body, the goal of Randy’s diet is to reduce the build up of acid in his body.

Our bodies do a better job of regulating the pH of our tissues and blood than it does of regulation our body temperature. This is an indication of how important the proper pH level is. To survive we must must maintain a slightly alkaline state. There are many factors that can cause acid to build up. Stress, high sugar diets, high protein and hard training all can cause increases in acid. And when you combine more than one factor your performance and more importantly your health will suffer.

randy couture diet

The Randy Couture Diet focuses on 3 things.

The first goal is to increase the amount of live foods. This was difficult while Couture was on the road before a fight, but he still found a way. In fact even after making weight he would have a “greens” drink and lots of other greens and raw spinach.

His second goal is to decrease the amount of acid forming foods. As stated before these foods include red meat and chicken. He eats more fish, almonds and beans to make sure he is not missing any nutrients. Diary is also completely eliminated.

The last component is to cover all nutritional bases with supplementation. Randy eliminated one of his carb replacement drinks as well as high sugar energy bars. He replaced these with a “greens” product as well as flaxseed oil.

By decreasing the amount of acid forming food and increasing the alkaline foods in his diet, Randy reported that he felt better and had more energy. He gives his diet credit for not getting gassed in his five round fight with Tito. Obviously Couture’s training had a tremendous impact on his stamina, but his diet definitely helped.

The Randy’s diet includes green leafy vegetables at each meal. He starts every day with a “greens” drink along with more fresh vegetables. The rest of the days regimen consists of grilled fish, wheat grass shots, high energy pancakes, soba noodles. One of his treats is avocados and fresh vegetables on yeast free toast.

I hope this gives you a little insight into the Randy Couture diet. Obviously this is not a quick fix for him, it is a lifestyle. If you are looking for alternatives to improve your diet, check out “Anabolic Cooking” by David Ruhl.

Randy Couture Diet



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