The Randy Orton Workout Revealed

randy orton workout

Randy Orton Workout Revealed

So you want to build a lean powerful physique like Randy Orton? Of course you do, who wouldn’t? He fills out his frame with a ton of muscle, without looking out of proportion. He doesn’t have that puffy muscle look that bodybuilders get. Randy’s workout isn’t just for looks, it is also for performance. He has to maintain his agility and conditioning for all the shows he does on the road. Keeping a consistent training schedule is difficult when you have a travel schedule like Randy. However, he still manages to get it done. As I said previously he focuses on the larger muscle groups, hitting them with compound movements like squat, bench, deadlift, and power cleans. He can’t waste precious training time using ineffective gimmicks. Obviously Randy has top notch trainer programming his workouts for him. Making sure that he is not wasting one second in the gym. That he gets the most “bang for his buck” from his training. And obviously the results are obvious. Randy is always in phenominal shape.

randy orton workoutSo if you want to train like Randy Orton do you have to hire a $100 an hour personal trainer? Well you could, but when some trainers you would be wasting your money. However, I have found one of the best strength coaches in the world to help you pack on muscle the same way Randy Orton does. His name is Jason Ferruggia, and his program “Muscle Gaining Secrets” is the top program as far as packing on pounds of lean muscle mass the same way Randy Orton does.


Jason has been a leader in the industry for over 17 years. He’s worked with hundreds of athletes, to help them improve their physique and performance. He also overcame his own “hardgainer genetics” to go from a 147lb scrawny little guy, to a man that carries a solid 230lbs of muscle on his frame.

If Randy Orton uses a trainer for his workout, here is your chance to have one for yours. Jason Ferruggia shows you exactly how to program your workouts to get the same results as the Randy Orton Workout. He shows you the secrets to adding serious muscle to your frame. This program is the end result of 17 years of intense research and in the trenches experience. If you want a flawless physique like Randy Orton, then this is your chance. “Muscle Gaining Secrets” will show you how to…

  • Spend Less Time in the Gym While Getting Faster Results
  • Build Muscle Without Having to Buy Expensive Supplements
  • Overcome Hardgainer Genetics
  • Maximize Your Body’s Hormone Production

How much do you think Randy Orton pays for his training a month? If you are serious about adding solid muscle then this is the way to get there. For the price of one of Randy’s workout you can have a program that changes your physique for ever. Aren’t you tired of “wishing”, and saying “if only”?! Well here is your chance to achieve your goals.

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