Ray Lewis Workout

Ray Lewis WorkoutRay Lewis, although mostly known for his relentless linebacking skills and team motivation is quietly becoming famous for his insanely intense workout routine. Now I have been a fan of Ray for quite sometime, mostly due to his intense drive and unrelenting work ethic.

One of the first stories I read about Ray’s workouts was he would  train in sand pits in Miami with weighted vests on after practice was over, I even read about his crazy intense workouts back in high school in Lakeland, Florida. This mentality is what has separated Ray and I honestly believe this use-what-you-have approach is why he has achieved the great success so far.

One point I really like about Ray’s workouts are his repetitive use of different exercises, his trainer sometimes puts him through many different strength training regimens to failure and then has him train quickness and agility wearing a weighted vest. This although effective alone, when coupled with bodyweight exercises like pushups pullups and squats and the other calisthenics can make it an even better choice for becoming a beast of an athlete.

So Ray has definitely adopted the method that hard work makes you a better athlete and man.
At the tender young age of 36, Ray has every right to slow down, but with his work ethic he is shifting into overdrive and has a workout plan app out on iphones with his trainer. Its called Ray Lewis Workout App and can be purchased online or through itunes, the app blends free-weight bodybuilding exercises, plyometrics, speed training, calisthenics, and endurance training, all all in one complete package.



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