Reggie Bush Workout

Ok so the new Reggie Bush workout may be the most unorthodox we have seen yet. This new Fre Flo Do style of training will get the speculations rising and the strength and conditioning critics talking. If you haven’t seen it you might really want to watch this straight from Reggie’s trainer…

Yea, I know it looks crazy but he is simply training Reggie to have really fluid dynamic motion in his body. This can help in certain ways since football is all action/reaction.

My only concern is has this been proven to make Reggie what he is today? I’m more into the Reggie Bush workout routine for the past 10 years that got him to where he is today, like this workout…

Now this is what I’m talking about. Plyometrics, speed, power, and strength training all in these workouts. This is the stuff that got Reggie where he is today. Following a strict balanced training program that’s making him an explosive football player.

Reggie followed a speed and strength based program all through high school and college, which would eventually let him light up the NFL. His hard work and determination has really paid off for him.

If you’re looking to start off an off-season training program start by organizing your training day the same way Reggie did.

1st- start with a dynamic warmup to get stretched out
2nd- pick a really intense speed drill or plyometric movement
3rd- move into the gym and train a really intense complex strength movement (squat, bench, power clean, etc…)
4th- circuit your accessory muscles by picking 3 supporting exercises and superset them
5th- finish with a real strong and dynamic core movement

This template should allow you to start structuring your workouts so you can make the most of them. If you need the total package you might want to check this out… Total Xplosive Training



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  1. Lucy

    Learning a ton from these neat aritcels.


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