Secrets to Long Drive Golf Workouts

long drive golf workouts

So what should be the focus of your golf workouts? Should you buy a bunch of rubber tubing, exercise balls and vinyl covered dumbbells? Well it depends. If your goal is to just go through the motions, and say that you are trying to improve your golf game then by all means. However, if you want to improve your overall strength, flexibility and lower your score then you are going to have to actually do some work. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your workouts have to be difficult, just that they need to be consistent if you want to see improvement. Obviously there are more factors to lowering your score than that. However, improving these qualities not only will carry over to the course, but will improve your quality of life.

What’s the #1 thing that golfer’s want to do? Hit the ball farther. So how do you do that? Simple answer: swing the club faster. I have mentioned it before but, hitting a ball 1 mph faster can translate into 2.2 yards of extra distance. So how much do you think 10-15 mph of club head speed would increase your distance?

long drive golf workouts

It is only logical that if you assume consistent swing technique, that a stronger golfer will hit the ball farther than a weaker golfer. So why do golfers continue to do body weight, rubber tubing, vinyl covered weight golf workouts? Do you think Tour Pros, or Long Drive Pros really work at increasing this swing speed?

Does this mean you have to become a gym rat, and train 6 times a week. Not at all. It does not require an extreme commitment to strengthen your game, and increase your level of golf fitness. Luckily for you, there is a program called “The Golf Swing Speed Challenge”. It will help you increase your driving distance in just 56 days. The best past is that you can do all of the exercises and drills indoors, at home. PLUS no special equipment is necessary. You have everything you need to complete the golf swing speed challenge right now.

This program tells you exactly what to do, how often, and to what level. It doesn’t matter what age you are currently you will be able to complete this challenge. So if you can follow simple step-by-step instructions then you too can complete this challenge and hit the ball further. How much further? Will the creator of the program, Alex Gairdner, added 20mph to his swing speed, which is worth an extra 44yds off the tee.

==>Secrets to Long Drive Golf Workouts<==

And after his great results he got to wondering whether or not other golfers would also hit the golf ball further by following this program. So he got a small bunch of golfers from all around the world to try out this program, and as you might expect every single person who completed the program increased their swing speed and consequently hit the ball further. The techniques included in the program are proven to produce the maximum possible swing speed increases in the quickest amount of time. Everything is spelled out for you, so you can duplicate this success. This program will give you an advantage over all the members of your foursome. There is no trial and error involved.

Let’s face it, golf is an expensive game. So why on top of all the other costs would you spend hundreds of dollars to join a gym or to buy your own equipment, and not invest in proper training. You see, it’s not IF you’re going to hit the ball longer, but rather by HOW MUCH! If your golf workouts aren’t producing results, then you need this program.

golf workouts

golf workouts



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