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show and go trainingIf you are a female reading this, you might be wondering if the Show and Go Training Program will work for you? While some women think they have to train completely differently from men, for fear that they will be able to step on the Olympia stage in three days. Hopefully, if you found this review you are smart enough to know that is an irrational fear. It’s sort of like refusing to swing a golf club for fear that you might turn pro. Having said that, much like a woman’s golf swing is slightly different, women have to train slightly diffferently.

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Ok, that is impressive. As you can see from the video the Show and Go Training Program is all about PERFORMANCE! It doesn’t matter who you are, male or female, the program can be tailored to your specific needs. The only thing that matters about a training program is the results it gets. And Eric’s training has been getting results for the pros for years.

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