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how to sprint faster

There are a few keys of learning how to sprint faster immediately but most athletes do not realize the main tools that are preventing them from ever getting faster no matter what drills or coaches they work with. Let’s take a closer look on the main aspect that really holds athletes back from true speed…

The “not-so” secret to speed that athletes don’t realize is muscle imbalances. Now before you think you don’t have any there is a few things here you might want to take away before your next training session. Muscle imbalances are usually created one muscle becomes more tonic or overdeveloped than the phasic which tend to be weaker. With these imbalances comes weak slow athletes with injuries.

Make sure that you know the main imbalances that are slowing you down from sprinting faster.

1. Neck Shoulder Complex- The pec minor and sternocleidomastoid become overdeveloped which causes the athlete to tend to have a offset cross pattern and takes away from a fluid fast arm pump. We all know the faster your arms move, the faster your legs move, so make sure that you have the best mechanical advantage when running.


2. Lumbopelvic Region- This is basically an imbalance with your hips. We typically see anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt or we can simply refer to them as Daffy Duck or Pink Panther. Daffy Duck (anterior tilt) is when the athlete has very short, tight hip flexors which stops them from getting full extension in their stride. Pink Panther (posterior tilt) usually means the athlete has tight hamstrings and weak tucked under butt not giving them any advantage of running. So make sure you identify yourself and get the correct stretches and strength exercises.

3. Glute, Ham to Quad Ratio- This is just basically when most athletes develop stronger quads than posterior chain leading to the main cause of most knee injuries.

4. Flat Foot Syndrome – you know this one. When you see the athlete who just can’t seem to sprint on the balls of their feet.

How To Sprint Faster